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In Memory of Remy

In Memory of Remy

Our Remy found us in 2015, as a 5 year old rescue.  She was the most incredibly kind, sweet, loving companion we could ever ask for. She was adored and loved by everyone who came into her life.  We were blessed with the most amazing 5 1/2 years with her.  

She was 10 1/2 years young, when she passed away peacefully at home with both of us by her side.  She’s now with her two brothers, Putter and Bogey that preceded her in death. They are running, playing and aggravating each other again! 

Remy filled our life with love and happiness. An amazingly beautiful soul.  

We love you so much. We will never forget you. You will be in our hearts forever.

Rest in peace,

Mom & Dad

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Valerie D On Nov 20 2020
I’m was so sad when I heard about Remy’s passing. She was a very loved and spoiled little girl. She was so lucky to have made it into your family. ❤️ Reply to this comment
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