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In Memory of Nikita

In Memory of Nikita

Nikita 8/1/2014 - 4/12/2019

Where Gotcha'd: Found wandering in the middle of the road with her sisters.

Nicknames: "Kita", "Fluff", "Floof", "Miss Kita", "Little Kitty"

Pet Parents: Kelly & Chris

Siblings: Twitchie (survived by), Sabie (Deceased) - both were her litter sisters.

Favorite Toys: Her little kitty stuffed animal, toy mouse, feathers, shoestrings

Favorite Activities: Sun bathing, following Kelly around, cuddling with Chris and Kelly while they were on the couch, napping in her bed, playing with her toys, hanging out by the air vent while heat was blowing, being brushed and groomed, watching Chris and Kelly do things around the house, enjoying the steam after Chris or Kelly took a shower, hanging out by the air vents while heat was blowing. 

Least Favorite Things: Being spooked (especially by her sister), loud noises, car rides, and the sound of plastic rustling. 

Favorite Place to Sleep: In the sun, in her cat bed (with the dangling ball sitting on her forehead), or in my arms. 

Favorite Food/Treats: CatnipFancy Feast Fish Filets ("fishies"), little lion cat treats. She generally liked anything I put in front of her. Except mackerel and shrimp. Anything but those. 

Favorite Memories: 

  • Following me around the house
  • Greeting me first thing int he morning
  • Swishing between my feet as I got ready for bed
  • Her rolling over ritual she had as she'd clean her self
  • Her tippy-toes ("twinkle-toes") dance she'd do when she was pet
  • How lazy & dainty she was when playing with the laser pointer
  • Her sentinel activities - just watching us from around the corner the top of the stairs
  • Her long cuddles as I sat at my desk for work or for games
  • She was a ferocious bug exterminator
  • Her pouncing as she played with her mouse or when I antagonized her with strings or feathers
  • She didn't usually meow like a proper cat, it was usually chrips
  • Her scratching at my side to let me know she wanted to be held & cuddled

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