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In Memory of Sydney

In Memory of Sydney

We are devastated. 

For ten years you were with us, joining us on our life milestones, there with us through our graduations, our marriage, our moves, new jobs, new family members, when we bought our home. You were there when we needed you the most - when we said goodbye to those we loved, when life brought us challenges that seemed too difficult to manage.

You are gone now, and even if you had been with us for the rest of our lives, we could have never done enough to repay you for the joy you brought to us in just ten short years. We would give anything to go back to when you came home for the first time; we wouldn’t do anything differently, we just want to do it again.

We will miss you forever, Sydney.

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Richard Hamel On Sep 24 2018
Such a handsome little one. Thank you for obviously doing so much to make the world a happier place, Sydney. Rest as peacefully as you would like, little buddy. Reply to this comment
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