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In Memory of Sasha Ross

In Memory of Sasha Ross

Sasha Ross

I used to say that Sasha “wakes up smiling”! And she did just that every day for the seven years I was blessed to have her. This is the story that I like to tell about Sashi and will share with you that pretty much sums up her unique little life… and maybe even a little more. Sasha Ross had a compromised respiratory system with breathing issues most or all of her life, but God in His fashion saw to it to let her, a little stray kitty “with gold-green eyes, silky gray-fur and a plume tail…wondering in an apartment complex” in Wilmington, NC, be rescued to only then be adopted by the most likely family to give her away (and they did!) to an auntie in Atlanta with the perfect home for her to thrive, then unexpectedly move them to the only nearby townhouse for sale, that just so happened to have a screened door porch, in a neighborhood with the sweetest little indoor/outdoor kitty for a neighbor, Felix, so that she could have the little friend she couldn’t otherwise have inside ….and that little friend would be with her even on her last two days! If God would go to those lengths for Sashi, making sure she was taken care of and letting her live beyond anyone’s expectations, then he hasn’t forgotten any of us! 

I have no idea why He picked me to take care of this special needs little kitty, especially since I’m not your typical “animal person”, but that’s how God rolls and I’m so glad He did! Never underestimate who or what God will use in your life to demonstrate his love if we will open our hearts to it. 

To the smartest and purrrrtiest purrrrrty in the whole wide world, I miss you baby girl!

Proverbs 12:10

10 Comments To "In Memory of Sasha Ross"

Patti Gordon On Jun 23 2019
Oh Mary! What a beautiful tribute to sweet Sasha. The first time I saw her, it was love at first sight! What a beautiful and precious kitty! Thank you for taking such good care of her for the 7 years that God entrusted her to you. I know your heart must be breaking. Know I'll be praying for you. Love you, Mary! Reply to this comment
Steve South On Jun 19 2019
What a beautiful tribute to Sasha. I know she was lucky to have you as you were her. Our babies always cross the rainbow bridge too soon but they leave us with so many wonderful memories. My little "Lillie" has been gone 4 years now and I still think of her often and all the kissies she had for her daddy. Brings a smile to my face and a tear to my eye every time. So to will it be for you. My thoughts are with you my friend. Reply to this comment
Beebe Kennedy On Jun 19 2019
Sasha was an angel on earth and now in heaven. I am so blessed to have been able to care for her while you traveled. Because of Sasha we are friends and for that I will aways be grateful for her. She was beautiful, smart and a very special girl. Miss Sasha you will be remembered always! Reply to this comment
Faye Morales On Jun 19 2019
I never met you face to face, but I know all about you! The beautiful poses your “Mom” sent me and all the stories she told about you brought joy to my heart. You will be missed! Your Heavenly Father has healed you and you suffer no more!!! Reply to this comment
Carolina On Jun 19 2019
Sasha was very lucky to have you Mary. She was a sweet and beautiful companion. You gave her the best life she could have. Reply to this comment
Lovette Wilmore On Jun 19 2019
I'm so sorry for your loss Mary. I'm glad I got to meet Sasha Ross. Reply to this comment
Teri Livingston On Jun 19 2019
Mary you are in our prayers. I’ve only heard great things about Ms. Sasha! Our deepest sympathy for your loss! Reply to this comment
Cousin Emily On Jun 19 2019
Sasha Ross was blessed to have you for her Mama. I know you will miss her. Reply to this comment
Jill Dyche On Jun 19 2019
Mary, That was beautiful! I will miss sitting for Miss Sasha! I loved her too! I will also miss seeing her and Felix together. They had the cutest romance through a screened door. Their love for each other was so sweet even though Sasha could never go outside. They would lay their with their furry bodies touching through the screen and hang out in the sun patches together almost every day! I will always remember that and Miss Sasha! Go with god sweet girl! Someday you and your human Mommy will be reunited at the rainbow bridge and will be together for eternity. ????????????????????????❤️ Reply to this comment
L.Bowers On Jun 19 2019
God never makes mistakes my Dear Friend. Rest easy sweet girl... Reply to this comment
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