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In Memory of Ruby June Bruner-Poplin

In Memory of Ruby June Bruner-Poplin

In Memory of Ruby June Bruner-Poplin, June 11, 2003 - January 6, 2019

We will always miss our Ruby Girl.  She was an empathetic creature who blessed our lives for almost 17 years; we are grateful for the grace gift that she was to all of us, especially Bethany (her owner). 

She was a fierce ball player, a settler of disputes, a compassionate companion to the hurting, and a great friend to Buster; she tolerated him;D

Ruby: saying good-bye to you will always be a precious memory because we could only remind you how special you were and thank God for your life and your time with us -- we will always love you Ruby June!

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Rachel mclawhon On Jan 12 2020
Oh Bruners and Poplins, I know how much Ruby was a part of your family. This breaks my heart for you all. She was the best loved dog out there! Reply to this comment
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