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In Memory of Putter

In Memory of Putter

We adopted Putter to live with us at the age of 4 and he was part of our family for 11 years.  We didn’t know what we were in for, but he fit right in with the family and he always put smiles on our faces.  He was well mannered, easy going and lived every day to its fullest.  He and his younger brother Bogey and sister Remy enjoyed chasing birds, squirrels and chipmunks, basking in the sun….and sneaking into the tomato plants for a fresh tomato.  After dinner each night, Putter would sit patiently in the kitchen waiting on his animal cracker or waiting to lick a dessert bowl and then he would settle down for the night.

Putter celebrated his 15th birthday on September 29 with a special meal and treats.  We were aware his health was declining and we knew the day would come, but the pain of losing Putter, a family member is unimaginable. Putter passed away on October 16, 2019.

Now, he has joined his little brother, Bogey who passed away on April 7, 2019.  The two of them are again chasing birds, squirrels and chipmunks, basking in the sun and seeking out tomato plants in doggie heaven to grab fresh treats. 

Putter, you are a huge part of our family and you are missed every day.  You will always be remembered and loved.

Mom, Dad and little sister Remy

3 Comments To "In Memory of Putter"

Vicki On Nov 07 2019
Feel your pain, little sister. This is a wonderful site. Wish I had known of it when I lost Button. We will miss them both for a long time. Love. V. Reply to this comment
Carolyn On Nov 05 2019
We all miss our Putter boy. He is with brother Bogey and all his brothers/sisters before him. We love you all. Reply to this comment
Stacy On Nov 05 2019
You will be truly missed. Reply to this comment
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