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In Memory of Mozzie

In Memory of Mozzie

Mozzie found me one day when I was walking through the neighborhood. I was very sad and felt so alone at the time. He looked like a pitiful totally ignored little dog. He was matted terribly and his nails were extremely long. He had on a collar but no identification. Neither did he have a chip. We took him to the vet and he had a complete physical. All was good. We took him home and cleaned him up groomed him and then got his shots. From that time on he was our little precious dog. He was a very good disciplined dog. He love to play and he played more with all the toys than any dog previous. He wanted us to throw the toy and he would retrieve it. He could do that for long periods of time. He was very energetic.

He was very loving and sweet. He liked to cuddle up in your arms and be close to you in bed. He traveled well. He liked to sleep in with me; therefore, I could read in the morning with him in bed with me. It was so very perfect. Then one day after having him 3 1/2 years, we noticed he would fall in the floor but would get right back up. We didn’t think that much about it until other symptoms began  happening. In a matter of two weeks he went from an energetic and playful doggy to one who seem to be on his last leg. Of course we took him to the doctor. They did a complete physical with all the blood-work and found nothing. They sent us to neurology where we found that he had a brain tumor. We knew the end was near. His  life with us was too short, but it was 3 1/2 years of total wonderfulness. When he found me, I was   At a very low time in my life. I believe he was sent to me as an angel to help fix my life. I will remember him with much thankfulness for the wonderful time I had with him, even though it was short.

What an awesome friend and pet Mozzie was!

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Tonya Russo On Sep 12 2018
I feel your heartbreak and understand how hard this is; but that little angel will be waiting for you. No doubt. Reply to this comment
Kelly Dinatti On Sep 12 2018
A lovely story about how the love of an animal can help heal us. People and pets come into our lives whe n they are needed. Sending hugs to you. Reply to this comment
Chris Green On Sep 12 2018
I’m so sorry Brooke. It was wonderful that he had such happy times with you. Reply to this comment
Jan Giles On Sep 07 2018
I’m so sorry Brooke. Having gone through this a few months ago I can truly feel your pain. I’m convinced that they’ll come running up to us when we reach heaven. Love you. Reply to this comment
Rebecca Logan On Sep 07 2018
I am so sorry for your loss, sweet friend. Prayers for you both during this difficult time! Reply to this comment
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