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In Memory of Morgan

In Memory of Morgan

Morgan Penelope Rose Lord (aka Doodlebug, Doo, or Diddle Doodle), age 11, left us to cross the Rainbow Bridge on August 1, 2018.   She is survived by her canine sister, Zoey Laine, her canine brother, Cooper Gibson and feline sister, Clessie Belle. She will be greatly missed by her human family Jesse (Daddy) & Rachel (Momma) Lord, Jessica Lord, Allen, Geneal & Madi Walker.

She was preceded in death by her human “Grandmummy”, Shirley Aston Golden, whom we are sure was waiting on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge with open arms and a huge hug…and some bacon.

In life, Morgan was a gentle spirit.  She loved children (mostly her human BFF, Elise, whom she bonded with before Elise was born). Morgan was tolerant of being climbed on, hugged within an inch of her life, and she loved having her face kissed daily.  She like to move her “waggy butt” and “bumble paws” while barking along to her favorite song, “apple bottom jeans, boots with the furrrrrr” in the mornings while Momma got ready for work. She liked to converse and tell you about how her day was and report what Daddy did to upset her to when Momma got home from work each day. She would even say, “I love you” back to you at times. Morgan was an exceptional snuggler, and a pro at the spooning position.  She loved treats of all kinds, bones and her bad piggies toy. 

In her younger years, she was quite the escape artist, always getting out of the fence and going to visit her neighbors, Cristy and Cheryl, to say hi.  She never ran off though.  She loved her home and just wanted to explore around it. She also loved chasing chipmunks and the neighborhood cats who taunted her over the fence.

In her later years, she loved lounging on her bench, lopping over the couch and looking out the front door at the neighborhood kids playing.  She loved her Momma lying on her like a pillow and reading aloud to her on rainy days. She also loved being told her story about how she came to live with her people and brought her Momma and Daddy back together.  She loved when her momma sang her special Doodle Song to her. 

Morgan Doodle, our memories of you are abundant and full of joy and laughter.  You will forever be in our hearts.  We will miss you so much. Thank you for choosing us at the pound that day.  We were the lucky ones to have you in our lives. 

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Rachel (Momma) On Oct 10 2018
I miss you so much, Doodlebug. The house isn't the same without you. I think about you talking all the time. And how you'd let Daddy play with your mouth and say stuff to make me laugh when I was down. I wish I could kiss your face again. Reply to this comment
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