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In Memory of Miss Loretta Belle

In Memory of Miss Loretta Belle


Our Miss Loretta Belle was a wonderful dog and a faithful and loving companion.  She came to us as a 6 week old bouncing ball of fur on July 4, 2004.  My children grew up with her and she enriched our lives in so many ways.  She loved small animals and was such a nurturer.  We got her spayed, so she never had any babies of her own, but she would have been a wonderful mother.  When one of our cats had kittens, she would carry them around in her mouth and love them and lick them like they were her own. 

We had a parakeet named Tweet that used to ride around on her back.  That was quite a sight to see.  Even though Miss Belle was part chow, she was one of the most loving and gentle dogs that I have ever known.  And she was beautiful, inside and out.  She drew her last breath on February 7, 2019, giving us almost 15 years of love and undying devotion.  She is very, very missed and there is an emptiness in our home where she once was.  She will never be forgotten and I will see her again one day in heaven.  Rest easy my sweet Loretta Belle.  Play and run again with Gizmo and Buddy. 

I will always love you.   - Mom

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