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In Memory of Lexi Delio

In Memory of Lexi Delio

In Memory of Lexi: 12/05/07 - 02/13/19

Lexi, (aka Lexi Lou or LuLu), gave us the best and most amazing 11 years of our lives. She was our first dog and can never been replaced! She touched so many lives including complete strangers. Lexi had such a calm demeanor, the best personality and was well-behaved. She would sit on the top of the hill and just people watch, yet never run after anyone or anything. People were amazed by her and would comment on what a good dog. Lexi was definitely not just a dog, she was another spoiled member of the family. She had the run of the house. She would put herself to sleep in our bed under the covers, head on the pillow. She would wake you up with her kisses when she was ready for you to be awake. If you weren't paying attention to her, she would rest her head on your lap or tap you with her paw. She knew with that beautiful face she could win anybody over; she was the prettiest puppy ever! Lexi also made sure she greeted you every time you walked through the door. We truly miss those greetings. She was one of a kind and very special in more ways then one. Lexi came on all vacations with us and if she wasn't allowed we didn’t go. She was the perfect passenger, even when some road trips were 17 hours long. She was always the first one out the door and ready to go wherever we were going. She loved her ball and frisbee that she had since she came to us. She loved to go on walks and would always make sure we were altogether while walking; she would always turn around and make sure everyone was still there.The few things Lexi wasn’t a fan of were the Mail, UPS, and FedEx trucks as well as thunder storms, fireworks and gun shots. Other then that she was the best spoiled furry friend on earth.  She gave us the most unconditional love anyone could ever imagine. She was our favorite hello and our hardest good-bye. It broke our hearts to lose her and we will forever miss her. XOXO

We love you Lexi Lou, always and forever. 

She Believed She Could So She Did!

Forever Loved Never Forgotten 

15 Comments To "In Memory of Lexi Delio"

Laurie Bizzarro On Mar 13 2019
Lexi Lou You sure were a Beautiful Angel and Your Soft Kisses and Sweet face sure will be missed. You sure were a part of the Best Family in the World. Rest Easy Sweetie and Thank You for Being Perfect ♡♡♡♡♡ So very sorry for Your Loss, Richie, Rose, Michael, Michele and Brian. May God Bless Your Angel......Deepest Sympathy, Joe, Laurie, Loretta, and Knox ♡ Reply to this comment
Colleen On Mar 13 2019
rip Lexi Lou, you will definitely be missed. Our yearly trip to pcbeach will never be the same. you were our beluga! Love and miss you! Until we meet again! Reply to this comment
Joey On Mar 13 2019
I'm going to miss her visits & our matching outfits so so much. Reply to this comment
Tommy On Mar 13 2019
You were very sweet and lovable. She was a part of our family. Love you, Lexi and miss you. Reply to this comment
Laurie Bizzarro On Mar 13 2019
God Bless You Sweet Lexi Lou ♡♡♡♡♡ We Love You and Will Miss You Sweetie......Love Always Joe, Laurie, Loretta, Ann, and Knox ♡ Reply to this comment
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