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In Memory of Kestrel

In Memory of Kestrel

Horn Mountains Kestrel Fae Deelight, “Kestrel” 

9-October-2006 - 8-March-2020 

Kestrel was the bright darling in our life from day one.  More energy than large dogs and always a good snuggle at night.  Kestrel brought fun and excitement into our home and a great companion to people and other Shelties.  She taught us more about agility and handling than ever before.  She won a lot of titles and awards but her love was the best award for our family.  She helped our family through Iraq and Afghanistan deployments.  Her breeder called her “Snuggles” and she stayed that way to the end. 

She will be missed by all of us. 

God bless you Kestrel and God’s angels be with you always.

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Pete On Sep 21 2020
Thanks for the good job on this - recommending to friends. Reply to this comment
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