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In Memory of Hector Stieber

In Memory of Hector Stieber

Our sweet failed foster, Hector. I stalked you at Petsmart for weeks. Prior to joining our family you had two failed adoptions. I agreed to foster you, that failed, you never left. Thank you for choosing us as your furever home. You stole the dog's bed along with our hearts. You flooded the kitchen, we added child locks on the cabinets just for you! You greeted us at the door every single time without fail. You hated to see the bottom of your food bowl and had no problems being vocal about that empty bowl. We were blessed to have had an amazing 6 years with you. We love and miss you terribly. 

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Gram On Aug 10 2019
We will always remember you Hector! You were loved till the end. Reply to this comment
Debbie DeLong On Aug 10 2019
I adopted this handsome guy out 2 times prior to him going to his forever home. I told Sonya that his 2 fosters failed as they were absent from him most of the day and had some issues which I clearly understood as needing to be with a family that was around him and not absent. Hector never came back and I was “over the moon” as he had found his home. God bless this family and my thoughts and prayers are with them in this very difficult time. Hector is now running free with his friends without any pain. Reply to this comment
Tammy E On Aug 10 2019
You will see Hector at the rainbow bridge, I am sorry for your loss❤️ Reply to this comment
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