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In Memory of of Dudley Willis

In Memory of of Dudley Willis

Our sweet Dudley was a rescue, and our furry family member for 11 years. 

We remember:  the day we rescued him and brought him to his forever home, his insatiable appetite, his wagging tail and sparkling eyes, our daily walks (sniffing expeditions), our trips to the park, chasing tennis balls and dropping them at our feet in exchange for a treat, lying on his back in the grass inviting a belly rub, pawing at our pockets until we found a treat that we had forgotten was there, being our happy welcome-home every time we came through the door.  Most of all we remember Dudley's unconditional love, sweetness, and gentleness.  To us there was no finer, sweeter dog!

Dudley taught us much about the joy that comes from living in the moment.  We will forever love and remember him.  2006-2019

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Dennis On Feb 05 2020
Dudley was truly an awesome member of your family. His sweet disposition and humble personality is really missed. Reply to this comment
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