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In Memory of Clemson

In Memory of Clemson

The end of a legacy....

Back in 2002 a handsome Beagle mix puppy was born. He initially was adopted by someone who is suspected to have not been kind to him. In March of 2004 as Jeff and I prepared for our wedding and a new life in Georgia I insisted we look to adopt a dog of our own. We went to the Atlanta Humane Society where there were many, many dogs. As we were at the end of our search that day we passed a very handsome dog sitting at the back of his assigned pen who they had named “He-man”. He was wearing an aqua colored bandanna. We stopped and gently encouraged him to the front of the pen when he started to slowly wag his tail at us. We knew he was the one. He was an orange dog, Jeff a Clemson grad, what a perfect name...Clemson. After the wedding and I moved to Georgia Clemson introduced me to fire ants, I had no idea what I was stepping in but quickly knew I didn’t want to step in a red mound similar to my that. We learned to gently pet him because he would cower if approached with a quick gesture of affection from us. He learned to not be afraid of us. It was clear he had an aversion to certain types of people. No need to elaborate on that. When Hannah was born, he was very concerned about anyone who would come near her. He needed assurance from us it was OK. Unfortunately for babysitters, he would bark and bark at them when Mom and Dad would go out. Then Owen came along and he was the same. Weary with anyone who would come close to the kids. 

What an amazing caring dog he was. An incredibly hard day today saying goodbye to our family member for the past 15 yrs. He was 17 yrs old at the time he passed. The oldest dog I’ve ever known. Clemson, your legacy has brought two National College Football Championships! Last night Clemson had a spa bath and a really good steak dinner. He was wondering why he hadn’t tasted it before. 

We each had a chance to say our goodbyes and we know heaven was waiting for him. RIP Clemson. We miss you terribly already. Go bark at anyone you want. You’re in good hands and there are many people and dogs who we know have welcomed you.

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