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In Memory of Angel Peavy

In Memory of Angel Peavy

Angel Peavy 

“The hardest part of loving you is having to say good-bye”

November 3, 2005 – March 30, 2019

Angel won over our hearts from the first time she entered our lives on Christmas Day 2005.  She was such a tiny little thing but had the heart of a giant!  She had such a sweet disposition and touched our lives with so much love and joy.  She always greeted us with a smile (yes she could smile),  loved to run after birds and lay in the sun!  When we would put on her sweater she would prance around the house like she was modeling – she knew she was pretty!  Over the last few months, her health started decline but she still managed to wiggle her tail and let us know how much she loved us.  She will forever be in our hearts!   Our five year old granddaughter said the day after her passing “I believe the red birds are singing for Angel”.  She truly lived up to her name because she was an Angel on earth and now an Angel in heaven! 

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Erica Peavy On Apr 02 2019
Angel!!! You were the best little P-Nut ever and could always put a smile on my face even when times were hard for me!! And the best part you could actually smile back, it was so hard to let you go, but we know you are in a better place and not suffering, you left us on a great day which was March 30th my birthday, but a day I will truly never will forget!! You will always be in my heart Angel. But you lived up to your name as my niece quoted "I believe the red birds are singing for Angel" We love you P-Nut!!! Reply to this comment
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