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In Memory of Heartlea Marie

In Memory of Heartlea Marie

Heartlea Marie

June 9th 2012 - March 15th 2019

March 15 2019 we said goodbye as our 'Lil Bit' Heartlea Marie, crossed over the rainbow bridge.  She was met with open arms, by her Granny, 2 PawPaws and her fur mommy and fur Aunt Maggie. There is no more pain, or suffering from the lymphoma. To say she was a Godsend would be an understatement. She loved and is loved unconditionally,  and even though our hearts are breaking, her soul is free and she is with her momma. To some, it was just a dog, but to us she was family, she was our sweet Lil Bit. Rest now Lil Bit, your journey is done. Mommy and Daddy will always love you.  

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Marilyn Barksdale f70307 On Apr 09 2019
She was, and always will be, a family member. It takes time, but one day the wonderful life and warm memories of the joy she gave, will help heal your sorrow. My heart ???? goes out to you. Reply to this comment
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