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In Memory of Zoey Scrivner

In Memory of Zoey Scrivner

When our son, Jack, saw Zoey for the first time at the animal shelter, an immediate bond formed.  Without hesitation, Zoey came to him and rolled over wanting her tummy rubbed.  Soon, Zoey came home to join our family.  At first she was timid learning her new surroundings, but she quickly adopted to us and became an intimate part of our family.  Her unique spirited personality emerged.  Always waiting for us at the door, she greeted us with a smile.  She loved to chase the birds in the backyard and prowl around in the bushes.  She demanded frequent tummy rubs and would roll over to expose her belly for a quick rub. At dinner time, whatever we ate, she wanted it too.  Wherever we slept, she wanted to sleep with us.  Many a nap on the couch, or a night in bed were spent with Zoe curled up at or feet or by our side.  Anywhere we went, she wanted to go too.  Her only desire was to be with us.  For Zoey, each day was wonderful experience.  She was always happy.  She loved her world.  She loved us.  We were blessed to have her as a part of our family.  We miss her dearly, and a small part of us left with her.  Zoey, you are and always will be in our hearts.

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Patricia Holloway On Oct 20 2019
So very sorry for the loss of your fur baby- they are part of our family- prayers for your broken heart. Reply to this comment
Gary On Oct 12 2019
She was the best friend a man could have. In a cynical and selfish world, her love and devotion was always there. When she was here, Zoe became a reminder of the truly important things in life. Now that she's gone, so much more so. Reply to this comment
Laura On Oct 04 2019
Zoey was such a sweetie! I know you will miss her so much. I remember what a timid skinny little thing she was when you first got her and how much she changed after being in such a loving home. She gained weight and confidence and became such a little love. We will miss her too. Reply to this comment
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