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In Memory of Sandy Stormo

In Memory of Sandy Stormo

Baby girl, best friend, sweet, loving angel… Sandy Stormo has crossed the rainbow bridge to chase squirrels and feast on turkey for eternity. We cherish memories of her intelligent plans to get more turkey, standing on two legs for it, snatching it midair… She lives on in fuzzy images of endless yowling  greetings back home, shaking at the sound of thunder, and long weekend mornings nuzzling in bed as a loving pack.

She's been a rock, with the most unconditional love and the sweetest heart, everything you could ask of a dog. While today is devastating, we choose to honor her memory by being happy again one day when the clouds of missing her howling for turkey begin to clear.

Thankful her last moments were quiet, without pain, surrounded by love. If only she were here to dry these tears…

We will love her for all time and miss her every day.

Love Always,

Donny and Daniel, "Your Pack"

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David Stormo On Oct 17 2019
Dear Sandy, thank you for 14 wonderful years of providing happiness and joy to those around you, and especially Donny. I’ll always remember you as the young puppy in my arms on a 6 hour road trip to see Grandma. You were such a special dog and touched so many lives, may you rest in peace and have unlimited amounts of turkey! Love, Uncle David Reply to this comment
Sandy Carroll On Oct 14 2019
"OH WHAT A BLESSING". God is so good to have given you such a perfect Diamond. Sandy meet every qualification for perfection. You are truly blessed to have had her and she in return to have had you in her life. I know the love that you two shared. My heart aches for your painful loss but yet rejoices for all the time you'll had together. Love to you from the both of us. Reply to this comment
Chris Butsch On Oct 14 2019
Sandy had a class-leading love-to-weight ratio. She was always the first to make me feel welcome in the Stormo household. You could easily tell that despite her age and ailments, she never stopped loving everyone around her. Reply to this comment
Emily On Oct 14 2019
Dear dear Sandy, you were loved by everyone that met you. Your cheer and welcoming spirit always filled the room. It was a joy to living next to you and you always made us smile when you were on a squirrel hunt. Thank you for the love and companionship you gave unconditionally. We have missed you since we moved and miss you harder now. If you are reincarnated I hope you find your family again. Donny and Daniel, my heart goes out to you, it’s so hard to part with a love this strong. She is watching over you and always remember the love you feel for her. We love you. Reply to this comment
Sandra Fink On Oct 13 2019
I never met Sandy either, but there is no doubt she was loved and treasured (and always will be) during her time on earth with the utmost care and compassion that human hearts express. Praying each day gets a little lighter and that those sweet, crazy-fun times and of course intimate snuggles bring smiles during dark days. She was given the life ALL pets dream of. May her memory and knowing you made HER DREAMS come true as much as she made your dreams come true as a loyal and loving a continual comfort. Reply to this comment
TLC “Mommy” On Oct 12 2019
From the first time I laid eyes on this special dog, I knew it was going to be an everlasting love. She’s watching over us now with her infinite supply of squeaker toys and turkey treats. Sandy no longer has to look for Mommy, she’s forever in my heart. Reply to this comment
Lori On Oct 12 2019
Although I never met Sandy, I know that she had the best human in her life! Don, you gave Sandy a loving home and that is all a dog wants, to be loved and to love. I’m so sorry for your loss. Praying for strength and praying for peace. Love, Lori Reply to this comment
Donny Stormo On Oct 12 2019
Dearest Daughter, Baby Bear, Sandy, You came into my life at such a critical time with your unconditional, giving heart. I tried my best to give you the kind of life fit for the "highest order of dogz." :-) The 14 years of your life went by at an incredible speed so that means we had some good times, right? Sandy, you have shown me the strength I will need to figure out how to move forward with a happy heart, and to always be the best human being possible, the one you saw me as each and every day. I know I'm going to miss you howling for turkey all day along with your goofy antics, I choose to honor your memory with the joy you wished for me every time you gave me kisses. Thank you for everything you have done and I wish your incredible energy and life-force Godspeed to Heaven where you belong...chasing as many squirrels, chipmunks and feasting on infinite turkey! :*) YOU DESERVE IT FOR A JOB WELL DONE IN MY LIFE! My Eternal Love For You Shines with Your Soul, Daddy Reply to this comment
Ryan Hicks On Oct 12 2019
I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend and family member. Sandy was a great dog when I got to play with her. You guys were so fortunate that she was such a good companion for so long! Wash: "Psychic, though? That sounds like something out of science fiction." Zoe: "We live in a spaceship, dear." Reply to this comment
Grandma Cici On Oct 11 2019
I feel sorry for people who can’t open their lives to include animals, particularly dogs. What can I say about Sandy? From the first time I met her, I loved her energy and her curious, sweet personality. We looked forward to seeing and playing with Sandy—she was such a delight. She loved and protected Donny and Daniel and they loved and protected her. We are heartbroken doggie grandparents. I am sure she would have loved to live on Earth forever, but I truly believe she is at the Rainbow Bridge, waiting for her boys, hoping they are bringing turkey.... Reply to this comment
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