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In Memory of Presh

In Memory of Presh

This sweet and loving baby girl showed up at a good friend Jean's horse barn, starved, covered in scrapes and eaten up with fleas and ticks at around age two. My cousin Rhonda was good friends with Jean and helped her out at the horse barn, she saw this white dog that just appeared from the woods. She begged me to take her, reluctantly I did say yes and I am so glad I did. She had apparently escaped from a horrible place, she was head shy and anything like a stick, broom or rake made her take off running. She was even shy to go to her food, all the while looking around to make sure it was okay to approach the food. Once she settled into her new home and had full run with a bed on all three floors, one day I just remember looking at her sweet face saying you are the most precious dog I have ever seen and that became her name. From the name Precious,I have called her Presh and Miss P since that day. She enjoyed her fenced in back yard and her front porch for sunning and watching the world go by.

Over the years making it to the age of 13.5 years she and I became best friends. She love to go for walks, if she seemed sad and lazy all you had to do was show her the harness and leash. Every morning she was ready no matter the weather or the time. She was always at the door to send me off to work daily and wagging her tail with her sweet smile when I returned home. She was so gentle and sweet to have come from such rough beginnings.  With my reluctant answer to say yes to bring her into my home, I cant even imagine how I would have spent the years without her. I would tell her daily how lucky we both were to have found each other. I have heard people say there are those once in a life time pets and she was definitely one that will be a once in a life time in my heart. Saying good by has been tough. 

PS. You can see she loved to look out upon the world and sleep in all her cozy spots around the house. 

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Connie whitley On Jan 04 2019
She was lucky to have your love. I know your heart is breaking. God Bless you Dear Friend Reply to this comment
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