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In Memory of Binky Jones

In Memory of Binky Jones

Binky Jones: March 22, 2005 – March 17, 2019

Binky has given us the best 14 years of our lives! He added so much joy and happiness to our lives on a daily basis.  It seems like just yesterday that my son, Jeremy and I made the two-hour trip to Anniston, AL to pick him up.  We were the first to arrive and had the “pick of the litter.” We often laugh about that day because he chose us!  That day, he crawled over his siblings, into Jeremy’s hoodie pocket, stretched out and made himself quite comfortable.  From that day, we knew Binky was the one for our family; the runt of the litter was full of personality & confidence, high-energy, lovable, smart, one-of-a-kind!   

Over the years, Binky captured the hearts of many.   A lot of the neighborhood kids, including my son, grew up with Binky and loved him dearly.  He was never too keen of socializing with other dogs and had a “human personality.”  Binky was very persistent, to be such a runt, often demanding you expeditiously move off, especially to fetch his “treat” and dare not wipe his paws as he entered the house after walking on grass with morning dew or place on his little yellow rain coat when it rains.   Yes, Binky was quite an “elitist dog!” 

Binky was our first family pet and can never be replaced.  He was a wonderful dog, and a faithful and loving companion.   There is an emptiness in our home where he once lived.  I have heard people say there are “once in a lifetime” dogs and Binky was definitely just that.  He will never be forgotten and we will see him again one day in Heaven.  Binky – a cherished member of our family who will be dearly missed.  

We will always love you, Binky! 

Toiya Jones

Jeremy Jones  

15 Comments To "In Memory of Binky Jones"

Jacy Norville On Apr 07 2019
I remember when Binky first came home to Kennesaw, GA. Toiya knew this dog was the right fit for her and Jeremy. Binky brought so much joy to any of those around him. I was fortunate to dog sit him in April 2018. Our dog Toby was very gentle with him. I think he knew he was much older than him. Binky was a bundle of joy and will never be forgotten. Love you Binky Jones. Reply to this comment
Alexus Holt On Apr 01 2019
Binky was a kind and loving dog who held a special place in my heart. I remember coming over to play with him when I was a little girl, all the way to nineteen years of age. It is very sad to see him go, but I know he is resting in a better place now. Binky is gone but never forgotten. ❤️❤️ Reply to this comment
Laurie Lange On Mar 22 2019
I am so sorry for you. Bunny, you were a treasure to this family and I heard many wonderful stories about you. Have fun in heaven til your humans arrive!! Reply to this comment
Uncle Earl On Mar 21 2019
You will be so dearly missed Binky, and we will see each other again. Love you so much. Reply to this comment
Barbara Barner On Mar 21 2019
Toiya and Jeremy I’m so sorry for your loss. I know how much Binky meant to you both. I know from experience that losing a dog is difficult and it will take a while to move on. Prayers going up for you all Reply to this comment
Barbara Barner On Mar 21 2019
Toiya and Jeremy I’m sorry for your loss. I know how it feels to lose your dog. I’m praying for you both. Reply to this comment
Llisa G. On Mar 21 2019
Binky, I remember when your Mom brought you home in 2005. You blessed everyone with your loving nature, especially your Mom and Jeremy. Say hi to my Max. Reply to this comment
Minor Harrold On Mar 20 2019
May the memories of your precious Binky soften the sadness in your heart and his memories are kept alive in your heart. With love at this sad time Your sister Minor Reply to this comment
Debe johnson and Isa On Mar 20 2019
Binky you will certainly be missed. You have been a part of our extended family for so long. Your friends Dutches and Adonis send their sincere condolences. My dear friend Toiya my prayers are with you for strength and comfort . Reply to this comment
Aunt Chel On Mar 20 2019
Binky will surely be missed. Pets hold a place in your heart with a special brand of love. It's a feeling like no other. May you both find comfort as he rests in heaven. Love, Chel ❤️ Reply to this comment
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