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In Memory of Dipper

In Memory of Dipper

Feb. 2000 – Oct. 14, 2017

I was working at a grooming shop in Woodstock when Dipper’s mom brought him in for grooming. I was the lucky one who got him that day as a client. He was adorable and had a wonderful personality. I fell in love with him immediately. I love the pets, but there was something very special about this little guy. A few weeks later, his mom came by and asked if I would keep him a while as she was trying to potty train a child. She knew from that first visit that I was very smitten by Dipper.  I said sure!!! When she brought him, she brought everything he had---crate, blanket, bed, brush, toys. I thought to myself…..she is not coming back.  In my heart, I hoped I was right! He was not potty trained, but learned quickly and learned well. He fit in our family of 3 dogs quite well. Four dogs was a little tough traveling, but they went on all vacations with us except our Ski trips out west. Dipper and Sully would wrestle and play. It was so cute and entertaining. Then later Dipper and Muffin would wrestle. They had such fun! Dipper was the initiator of the playing. Quinn wanted to play with him too, but for whatever reason, he would not play with her. I thought maybe he was afraid of hurting her, as she was so tiny. 

Dipper was an excellent pet in every way.  He was truly a cudler and a lap puppy.  

He would kiss you until you could no longer handle it.  He was also a very well dog. Never sick until about a year and 2-3 months prior to his passing.  He had to take Lasix and slowed down, but still went out to potty, and he walked around the house. He slept with us right to the very end. He would let us know in the night when he had to go outside. What an awesome dog even at 17 ½ years old!  He still ate his food mixed with salmon, lamb, or chicken –whichever he preferred, even on his last day with us. After he became weaker and was on lasix, we knew it was a matter of time. I prayed that he would go on his own when it was time and not suffer. God answered that prayer as well as our being at home to hold him for his last breathe. He did not like to be alone, So, I am grateful that we were here for him his last moments. We had him cremated as we did the other 3 who have passed. They all sit on a table in our living room in little wooden Urns along with pictures and paw prints. Dipper was an awesome pet!! We thank God for bringing him to us. We miss him and will pretty soon be looking for a baby, female “Shih-Poo” As for now, we have sweet Mozzie who found us. Male Yorkie

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Janet Smith On Nov 27 2017
So sorry for your loss but how fortunate you were to have had him in your lives for as long as God gave you. What a great little guy. RIP Dipper - you were loved by many. Reply to this comment
Sidney Whitney On Nov 27 2017
Brooke , so sorry , you and Stephen are the very best parents ! I remember them all and how happy and smart they were! I believe we will meet them again Reply to this comment
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