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In Memory of Cooper

In Memory of Cooper

On Valentine’s Day we went on a double date with some friends and they told us they found a puppy in a Pet Land parking lot and he needed a home. We weren’t sure we wanted a dog but we didn’t want anything to happen to him so we took him in. He was only about 5 weeks old and he was precious!! 

Cooper was our protector. He was so protective over us and was always skeptical of other people coming into our home. He didn’t trust anyone around us. That sometimes was a bad thing, but he loved us unconditionally. We weren’t sure he would be good around our first child because of how protective he was, but he ended up loving them just as much as he loved us! He was such a big baby and didn’t realize how big he really was. He loved sleeping in the bed with us and sitting on our laps on the couch. 

Cooper never seemed to age until the very end. He was such a playful and fun dog and loved to play rope! We already miss him being around so much. There will never be another Cooper, he was one of a kind. We will miss him forever and he will always hold a special place in our hearts.

RIP sweet boy! You will never be forgotten! We know you are over the Rainbow Bridge running around with all the other dogs, happy and healed. 

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Sarah Denham On Feb 02 2019
We love and miss you buddy!! Reply to this comment
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