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In Memory of Ame

In Memory of Ame

We’re very saddened she cannot stay with us forever but she knows she was loved and cared for while she was here. She was just tired and ready to rest so she laid her head down to dream about treats and belly rubs. I know we will miss her but she is running and playing with the others in Heaven . I hope we will see them again one day and get to love them some more. Until then Molly will keep her company. We still miss her 

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James Pace On May 06 2018
Momma & Daddy will always love you and you will be in our hearts forever. You were so precious and special to us and we miss you dearly. Reply to this comment
Travis Pace On May 11 2018
She was a sweet puppy dog. She loved y’all too and I’m sure she was glad y’all were her humans.
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