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In Memory of Allie Gardner

In Memory of Allie Gardner

Allie Gardner

May 3rd, 2003 - March 27th, 2019

It seems like no matter how many years you get to spend with your beloved fur-babies, it's just never long enough... 


You came into my life at a time that I didn't even know just how much I needed you. I soon realized just how precious you would become to me, but I had no way of knowing just how much you would enrich my life. You were the kindest, most patient dog I have ever had the honor of knowing. You never complained about how many animals I brought home, you always adapted and welcomed any fur-babies and people into our home with love and affection. You made each day brighter and up until the very end, your sweet disposition shined through the pain I know you were feeling. Being without you has proven to be harder than I could have ever realized, but knowing that you are no longer hurting brings me peace and comfort. I have an abundance of amazing memories to look back on that we shared and those have gotten me through these dark days without you. I will be forever grateful for the time we shared on this earth and thankful for your many years of unconditional love and devotion. I love you, Allie. We all miss you so much and your memory will live on in our hearts and minds. Rest in peace, Allie-Bug.

2 Comments To "In Memory of Allie Gardner"

Deborah Garndner On Apr 03 2019 a 4pm
Allie was a wonderful family member. She was the sweetest dog I have ever had the pleasure of being with. We had a lot of great years and great memories with her. You will be missed sweet Allie, love you always. Reply to this comment
Monica On Apr 03 2019 a 4pm
Allie was one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. I loved petting and cuddling with her when we visited her house. She will be missed! Thinking of you guys! I know how hard it is to lose a fur baby! Reply to this comment
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