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In Memory of Melody

In Memory of Melody

Melody crossed over the rainbow bridge on November 25, 2016. She was with me for twelve of her fourteen years. Melody was an exceptional spirit. She was the lone survivor of a litter of puppies and their mother left in a hot garage. From the minute she and I met we became partners. She was living outside chained and mostly in a doghouse. When I came into the picture I would bring her inside and give her water and food. She soon became my girl, living inside no longer outside. Melody was extremely smart. She would jump on the bed with me but when she heard someone come in the house that didn’t want her on the beds, (she knew who that was), she would jump down and go under the bed. It was hysterical. She was taught to give you 10 with her paws, crawl like a soldier and roll over. As soon as I would grab a treat she would perform all of her tricks all at the same time. So funny. In her later years Melody became very bossy. When she wanted to eat or wanted a treat she would nudge me and and nudge me until I got up to get her what she wanted. I still see her smiling face as she would continue her pursuit of the treats!

My Melody saved me and I saved her. When it was time for her original master to go to school Melody came to live with me. I was alone and she was alone and we comforted each other. Melody, sweet lovie dove, I will always remember your sweet spirit, your smile for everyone and your wagging tail. Mommy will miss you forever. You left me too soon, but God has you now. I am sure you will be able to smile that special smile and He will give you anything you want.

Until we meet again, I love you.

Mommy Christina, Daddy Gabe and Brother Nicholas