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In Memory of Chevy Britt

In Memory of Chevy Britt

Our dear sweet Chevy was saved on May 4, 2014. Or I should say he saved us! He was the most grateful soul we ever met. He was so thankful to us each and every day. He did everything with excitement and love! We have always had animals and loved each and every one, but Chevy was different in how he showed love to us. You were never left alone because he was always right there next to you, with his silly playfulness, ready to run or jump with his big paws making noise on the floors, as you watched him you just had to laugh. He was the entertainment in our home. When he did take time to rest, he watched Dog TV religiously. His eyes gazed back and forth with the balls bouncing around or the dogs chasing one another. When he wanted to relax, he loved to lay next to his Mom or Dad, cozying up as close as he comfortably could. How I miss that sweet boy with his head laying on my pillow next to me. Giving me his paw to say to me, “I love You!” He loved to play with our other dogs, jumping over our English bulldogs and running around with our boxer. It is still so hard for us to believe he is not here, he was such a young boy He was born with a genetic kidney disease and was doing so great in our care. However the disease was slowly progressing, unknown to anyone, even his holistic doctor. If anyone should be in heaven, he is one that God would love to have and enjoy his companionship and loyalty. I know he would be an Angel and help others that crossed over. I know in my heart that is where he is. God Bless you my sweet boy! You will always remain in our hearts, forever and ever!

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