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Brookhaven Dream Time THDA CGCA C-TCX “Skye”

Brookhaven Dream Time THDA CGCA C-TCX “Skye”

Our beloved Brookhaven Dream Time THDA CGCA C-TCX “Skye” was born on February 23, 2008 and passed over the Rainbow Bridge on June 12, 2017 with his mummy, daddy and his “little big brother” Finn next to him. Skye succumbed to intestinal lymphoma, which was diagnosed on April 28, 2017. He went through 5 chemo treatments and they were not working. Throughout his treatment and right up until fell into his final sleep, he never stopped wagging his tail or wanting to give cavalier kisses to his mummy. He fell asleep listening to his favorite song “Mr. Blue Sky”.

Skye was a titled therapy dog and along with his brother Finn, visited Alzheimer patients at senior living facilities. He loved to visit with everyone and always followed Finn’s lead. He was a gentle, old soul. His eyes were the paths to his soul. He loved food and loved to watch his mummy cook up his special veggie mix and was the sous chef in the kitchen. He minded the buffet table when company was over, always overseeing the table to make sure everything was close enough to the edge so he skank a taste.

He loved to get his chew on with his nylabone after dinner. Only after dinner. He never barked much but when he did you had to smile. It wasn’t really a bark, but an “ark” we would say. He loved to play with a squeaky tennis ball – all you had to say was “kill the ball Skye” and he would go crazy on the ball, squeaking it and shaking his head.

He loved to sleep on the sofa. He had his corner. Everyone moved for Skye and you didn’t sit in Skye’s corner. He loved getting his eyes and faced licked by Finn. He loved his cookies. He would come running when you said the word. He was in heaven savoring his cookie.

He also had a go in the show ring. He placed in his limited showing (veterans) but unlike his brother, he wasn’t much about showing. He more liked “hoovering” up the bait in the ring vs. showing but he loved going to cavalier dog shows with us, sitting and watching the shows and especially sleeping in the hotel beds. Skye LOVED a good hotel bed. He loved to ride in the car in his car seat. Such a good traveler.

He loved parading in the show ring for veteran parades because he knew he would get a cookie. The happiest time was the National veterans parade with his brother in 2016. He thoroughly enjoyed that trip out to Oklahoma, staying in a suite and watching the dog show.

He gave love to so many. He had an effect on everyone who met him. He was the sweetest, most loving and patient cavalier. He loved to sit on his daddy’s lap. He would wait for us on the landing with Finn to come home when we ran errands. We would see them together sleeping on the stairs through the window. Finn and Skye were two cavaliers, yes, but they were really ONE. Never Finn with Skye and visa versa. Skye always loved going to sleep in our bed and when it was “night night” he would go upstairs to the bedroom and sit right by my side of the bed to have me pick him up. He slept above my head on my pillow every night. Finn slept on daddy’s pillow.

I always said Finn is my heart, Skye is my soul. The day he left us, a huge empty spot is aching in me. I cry for you, my doll baby, because I miss you. I miss you by my side. I miss calling to you; signing to you; picking you up and dancing with you. You are loved, my beautiful Dream Time.

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sharon utych On Jan 09 2018
It has been 30 weeks today, my little skizzler. My heart still aches, tears in my eyes and sadness abounds when I think of you, say your name, look at your picture... I wish you were here my love. I have good days but I cannot stop missing you, my doll baby. I cannot believe it is 30 weeks of no cavalier kisses from you, no tail circles, no sous chef, no one sleeping on top of my head on my pillow. I miss you so, Skye. I love you so much. Mummy Reply to this comment
Sharon Utych On Jan 02 2018
Twenty nine weeks my sweet boy. A new year without you. I could not post yesterday. My first new year since 2009 without your precious soul. This holiday season has been tough. So many tears shed, missing you. I have no words left to say how much I miss your sweet soul here. So many things remind me of your actions, your cavalier kisses. I cannot believe that my heart still aches whenever I say your name, look at your picture. You were such a brave, good, happy boy. Happy New Year my love. Your first new year without us and at the Bridge. One day we will be together, me, daddy and Finn. I love you my sweet Skye. Forever Reply to this comment
sharon utych On Dec 29 2017
Twenty eight weeks on Christmas day, my beloved. It was a very hard day for me, not having you here. Losing you on a Monday, marking it on Christmas day. I missed your excitement in opening the presents. You were into everything. Your stocking was empty this year, myskyeutych. Not filling your special "S" stocking and leaving it empty on the bed broke my heart. I have no words left for the ache in my heart and my chest. The tears streaming down my face holding your urn next to my cheek. No pictures of you this Christmas my beloved. I love you, always. Merry Christmas my skizzler. Merry Christmas until we meet again. I love you, mummy. Reply to this comment
Sharon Utych On Dec 18 2017
Twenty seven weeks my love. Oh how I miss you Skye. The hurt is always there. We were in FLA for the dog show. You would have loved the hotel and the bed. You were in Orlando a year ago, healthy. You loved it so much. You protected the oranges on the way home. And now, Finn protected them for you. Oh Skye, how I yearn for you to give me your tail circles and kisses. My beloved I loved you so much. Reply to this comment
sharon utych On Dec 11 2017
Twenty six weeks, my beloved sweet boy. We were at the dog show venue where you stepped into the ring for the 1st time. We stopped by the walkway and remembered how much you loved the flowers and bushes along the walkway. We looked up on our walks and saw the room we stayed in. Oh my skye, it snowed 10 inches also. You would have LOVED it. I know how much you loved just the little bit of snow we get. So many memories my love. My heart still hearts with you gone. Reply to this comment
sharon utych On Dec 05 2017
twenty five weeks my beloved. we had our cavalier Christmas party yesterday, the one you loved so much. you loved to run and play with the other cavaliers, keep your eye on the buffet table, beg for carrots, hump and play with your friends. You loved laying atop of the sofa watching all the presents being opened. You loved it so. We all missed you so very much. this was a hard party to host without you my skyeutych. I love you so so much. Reply to this comment
Sharon Utych On Nov 27 2017
Twenty Four weeks my sweet, sweet boy. My heart ached on Thanksgiving. You so loved to beg and watch me cook. My heart aches today as I decorate the Christmas tree in tears. You are everywhere. Memories on every ornament. Your special hand painted one. I have no focus to decorate with tears. Your stocking hung on the mantle as always, only your memorial picture is also on the mantle. Oh Skye, I love you so much, when will my tears stop? When will my heart stop aching, my breath come back? Your mummy misses you so very much, my beloved. Reply to this comment
Sharon Utych On Nov 20 2017
Twenty three weeks my love. I miss you still my little chocolate toy. I made your veggies this morning and you were not there with me, my sous chef. Always by my side looking up while I was cooking and preparing your veggies, looking for that treat and licking the big spoon. Finn tries to be a good sous chef but he is not patient like you. My love, I cannot believe you are gone. I have only dreamed of you once. I wish you would come to me my baby boy. We brought you home 9 years ago tomorrow my love. You were 9 months old and so scared of everyone. My shy Skye. You blossomed into a beautiful loving boy and stole my soul. We are making a rabbit for your thanksgiving dinner again, only you will not be here to enjoy it. There is a hole, an empty space in our home without you myskyeutych. My sweet boy, I will always and forever love you. My Dream Time. Reply to this comment
Sharon Utych On Nov 17 2017
my darling boy, twenty two weeks have passed and your picture showed up on my facebook timeline yesterday, 6 months ago when you first started your fight against your intestinal lymphoma. you were on the sofa in your favorite spot on your blanket sleeping. Your beautiful body still lush with your fur and you looked so at peace sleeping. my heart ached looking at the picture because I miss you so much skye. I miss you so. it hurts so bad when I think of you. how I want to smile and not have this ache in my heart my beloved sweet boy. I would do anything to have you on my lap, snoring away with me petting your head. I love you myskyeutych. always. always. Reply to this comment
Sharon Utych On Nov 06 2017
Twenty one weeks today, my beautiful sweet boy. Your daddy and I can smile now this past week when we talk about you, but it still turns into tears for me. How I miss your warm little body snuggling my head at night. Your breathing, light snore at night. Your tail circles instead of tail wags when you were happy. Your happy go lucky bounce in your walk. I miss you so much, my beautiful boy, my sweet glory. My heart still aches for you. I know how much Finn misses you, not having his brother to be with. I will always and forever love you. I will always and forever have this emptiness in my soul not having you and taken so quickly from us. I grieve for you so deeply, myskyeutych. Reply to this comment
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