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Brookhaven Dream Time THDA CGCA C-TCX “Skye”

Brookhaven Dream Time THDA CGCA C-TCX “Skye”

Our beloved Brookhaven Dream Time THDA CGCA C-TCX “Skye” was born on February 23, 2008 and passed over the Rainbow Bridge on June 12, 2017 with his mummy, daddy and his “little big brother” Finn next to him. Skye succumbed to intestinal lymphoma, which was diagnosed on April 28, 2017. He went through 5 chemo treatments and they were not working. Throughout his treatment and right up until fell into his final sleep, he never stopped wagging his tail or wanting to give cavalier kisses to his mummy. He fell asleep listening to his favorite song “Mr. Blue Sky”.

Skye was a titled therapy dog and along with his brother Finn, visited Alzheimer patients at senior living facilities. He loved to visit with everyone and always followed Finn’s lead. He was a gentle, old soul. His eyes were the paths to his soul. He loved food and loved to watch his mummy cook up his special veggie mix and was the sous chef in the kitchen. He minded the buffet table when company was over, always overseeing the table to make sure everything was close enough to the edge so he skank a taste.

He loved to get his chew on with his nylabone after dinner. Only after dinner. He never barked much but when he did you had to smile. It wasn’t really a bark, but an “ark” we would say. He loved to play with a squeaky tennis ball – all you had to say was “kill the ball Skye” and he would go crazy on the ball, squeaking it and shaking his head.

He loved to sleep on the sofa. He had his corner. Everyone moved for Skye and you didn’t sit in Skye’s corner. He loved getting his eyes and faced licked by Finn. He loved his cookies. He would come running when you said the word. He was in heaven savoring his cookie.

He also had a go in the show ring. He placed in his limited showing (veterans) but unlike his brother, he wasn’t much about showing. He more liked “hoovering” up the bait in the ring vs. showing but he loved going to cavalier dog shows with us, sitting and watching the shows and especially sleeping in the hotel beds. Skye LOVED a good hotel bed. He loved to ride in the car in his car seat. Such a good traveler.

He loved parading in the show ring for veteran parades because he knew he would get a cookie. The happiest time was the National veterans parade with his brother in 2016. He thoroughly enjoyed that trip out to Oklahoma, staying in a suite and watching the dog show.

He gave love to so many. He had an effect on everyone who met him. He was the sweetest, most loving and patient cavalier. He loved to sit on his daddy’s lap. He would wait for us on the landing with Finn to come home when we ran errands. We would see them together sleeping on the stairs through the window. Finn and Skye were two cavaliers, yes, but they were really ONE. Never Finn with Skye and visa versa. Skye always loved going to sleep in our bed and when it was “night night” he would go upstairs to the bedroom and sit right by my side of the bed to have me pick him up. He slept above my head on my pillow every night. Finn slept on daddy’s pillow.

I always said Finn is my heart, Skye is my soul. The day he left us, a huge empty spot is aching in me. I cry for you, my doll baby, because I miss you. I miss you by my side. I miss calling to you; signing to you; picking you up and dancing with you. You are loved, my beautiful Dream Time.

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sharon utych On Apr 10 2018
43 weeks my glory. My 42 week visit is not yet posted but I miss you so very much my love. my heart aches...... Reply to this comment
sharon utych On Mar 29 2018
41 weeks my glory. All the timehop photos on FB from last year are popping up on my timeline. All the tears come back so easy and the ache is strong. You were still feeling spry and happy to be at dog shows. In just 2 short weeks you began to feel sluggish and we took you to dr jory to see if your stomatitis was flaring up. Oh my beautiful boy, it was the beginning of the end of your beautiful soul here on earth. Each day closer to April 28 is like a dagger in my heart. That is when we received the news that gutted us. Took our breath from us. I love you myskyeutych. I wish I could feel your presence, I wish you would come to me. I miss you horribly. The grief is constant. Reply to this comment
sharon utych On Mar 20 2018
40 weeks my darling sweet boy. I see on my facebook timehop all the pictures and videos of you just before you got sick. so full of life, my beautiful sweet boy. my heart aches for you like it was yesterday. I cannot believe 40 weeks, 280 days, 6,720 hours have passed since you left us. the tears, the ache in my heart are like June 12, 2017. my sweet, sweet boy. I miss you horribly. Reply to this comment
sharon utych On Mar 14 2018
39 weeks my beloved. our travels with the dog shows these weeks and upcoming weeks are difficult. I take your picture with us and you are there with us, at the hotel, on the table next to the bed. Always with us, my beloved boy. I see the memories pop up in Favebook about the hotels and shows from the prior years and my heart aches seeing you there, laying on the beds at the hotel, at the shows. traveling in the car. Oh Skye, how I miss you my heart still aches as badly as it did 39 weeks ago today. the tears never stop for you. a piece of me is just ripped out of my chest when I lost you. someone asked what our kennel name meant this past weekend and I almost lost it. You are the FinnickySkye. You and your brother. I love you Skizzler. Reply to this comment
sharon utych On Mar 01 2018
37 weeks. Late post. I missed you so much last week. my heart ached and Friday was not so good. I could not bear to post until today, beloved. how I miss you and longed for you on your birthday. no celebration. just for finn's bd. it held no joy without you. it was always both your birthdays. seeing finn all alone with his cake and presents was heart breaking. I am blessed to have him but miss you so much. You were not two, you were one. You are 10 now, my angel. No longer with us to celebrate. I love you Skye. - Mummy Reply to this comment
sharon utych On Feb 21 2018
36 weeks. OMG, it is your birthday week. You would have been 10 on 2/23. You LOVED your BD celebrations with Finn this week. My heart aches and there is no joy in this week like the past. Finn's BD is the 21st and he will be 10. No celebrations without you. My tears and the ache are so bad this week. Friday will be horrible. Your 1st BD alone. No kisses. No tail circles. No happy face when you get to eat your cake. I love my baby boy. I wish I could stop my ache and my tears. You are now my glory. Happy 10th BD my beloved Skye. I always will love you and mourn you. Reply to this comment
sharon utych On Feb 13 2018
35 weeks beloved. When I look over at your table, my heart grows tight and heavy and the tears come again. How I miss you, your happy bouncy gait, your tail circles when you heard the word "Ollie b". I wish you never got sick. I wish you were here with me. I miss you so much, my glorious boy. Mummy's heart aches for you. Reply to this comment
sharon utych On Feb 09 2018
34 weeks my glory. I did not stop by last week. We were in Charleston at one of your favorite places to show. A person asked how you were when we were there and I busted out crying. How I have missed you. I came home and was sick and did not post. But I thought of you beloved. I think of all you all the time. I miss you so much. Reply to this comment
sharon utych On Jan 25 2018
32 weeks beloved. I waited until Wednesday to post as it has been difficult. I painted your portrait on Sunday and I wanted it to be just right and I think it was. it makes me cry to look at it though. then, a FB cavalier friend, Jasper, passed away from the same lymphoma you had. It brought bad so many hard and difficult memories of losing you, my sweet boy. So, so difficult. I watched Finn sleep in his bed and he was resting just like you are in the picture I have on the table. My heart was aching for you. Your nephew Edgar started licking the dishwasher and dirty dishes just like you. You taught the grasshopper well, my glory. I love you and miss you so very much. Reply to this comment
sharon utych On Jan 16 2018
31 weeks my beloved. I miss you more than ever. you would be proud of your nephew, you taught the little grasshopper well in the 18 months you spent with him. my beloved, how I miss your little body and head on my lap in the mornings. The heart ache is still as bad as ever. the tears do not stop. I love you my skye. Reply to this comment
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