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In Memory of Syble

Syble was the most beautifully uncoordinated and soft-spoken cat I have ever known. She didn’t trust a lot of people but she trusted us to love and care for her and keep her safe. She gave us 16 wonderful years but the loss of her brother in February I think was too much for her to handle...

In Memory of Ozzie

"The Oz Man" also known as Sir Ozzie of Dallas crossed over the rainbow bridge. He had is final ride on July 18, 2020 and will be missed, especially when he would meed you at the door when you came home from work! Until we meet again, you will be missed because your place is empty. 

In Memory of Norris

Norris was a rescue from Yellowstone. She was and always will be part of our family. Rest in peace baby girl.

In Memory of Whippany

Whippany chose us to be her family. After the loss of our first cat, Pepper, we went to the shelter to adopt some new family members. As I sat on the floor, playing with the kittens, my husband walked around the room. When he passed one particular cat perch, Whippany reached out a paw and grabbed him. We knew from that moment she was coming home with us.

In Memory of Maxx

in loving memory of my baby maxx he was a very loving boy he always a very happy boy and loves his truck and being with his daddy while he`s working on it and have to be right there with him.......he always had to be under the cover when he would go to sleep/p>

In Memory of Sugar Plum Fairy Phillips

Sugar Plum Fairy, Suge, Plum Fairy, Little Momma, Bear Bear, or SPF as we called her, was rescued a little shy of her 8th birthday. She had breast cancer and was in bad shape from not being cared for correctly. Dr. Meeker and the team were able to turn her....

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