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Recent Pet Tributes

In Memory of Binky Jones

Binky Jones: March 22, 2005 – March 17, 2019Binky has given us the best 14 years of our lives! He added so much joy and happiness to our lives on a daily basis.  It seems like just yesterday that my son, Jeremy and I made the two-hour trip to Anniston, AL...


In Memory of Sammie “The Hunter” Grier

Sammi has been in our hearts for over 15 years. She liked to hunt anything which is why she has the name “The Hunter” she brought so much love into our lives; even brought us some  of the animals from the hunt her and her loving companions went on. She will...

In Memory of Lexi Delio

Lexi, (aka Lexi Lou or LuLu), gave us the best and most amazing 11 years of our lives. She was our first dog and can never been replaced! She touched so many lives including complete strangers. Lexi had such a calm demeanor, the best personality and was well-behaved. She would sit on the top of the hill and just people watch, yet never run after anyone or anything...

In Memory of Miss Loretta Belle

Our Miss Loretta Belle was a wonderful dog and a faithful and loving companion.  She came to us as a 6 week old bouncing ball of fur on July 4, 2004.  My children grew up with her and she enriched our lives in so many ways.  She loved small animals and was such a nurturer.  We got her spayed, so she never had any...

In Memory of Cooper

On Valentine’s Day we went on a double date with some friends and they told us they found a puppy in a Pet Land parking lot and he needed a home. We weren’t sure we wanted a dog but we didn’t want anything to happen to him so we took him in. He was only about 5 weeks old and he was precious!! Cooper was our protector.

In Memory of Lucy

A Tribute to Lucy: My grandma always told me that she wanted a little dog that could sit on her lap comfortably, so I was a little surprised when she and my grandpa brought home an 18 month old boxer-pitbull mix from the shelter. Lucy had been in the Cherokee County Animal Shelter for less than a week when my grandparents went...

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