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In Memory of Maggie-Mae

Our fun, faithful, and adventurous Jack Russell Terrier, Maggie-Mae, crossed the Rainbow Bridge December 3, 2020. Maggie-Mae joined our family when she was just 7 weeks old, and she blessed us with 16 years and 4 months of love, loyalty and companionship. She is now able to hike, run...

In Memory of Whiskey Lou

Whiskey, our love bug left us suddenly on Dec 26, 2020. We had a beautiful, fun normal day full of love and antics. Whiskey passed away in his sleep around 8:45pm. Born in Dec 2012 he rescued me in Feb 2013 and has been my shadow since day one. He loved going to his toy box and dragging...

In Memory of Remy

Our Remy found us in 2015, as a 5 year old rescue.  She was the most incredibly kind, sweet, loving companion we could ever ask for. She was adored and loved by everyone who came into her life.  We were blessed with the most amazing 5 1/2 years with her. She was 10 1/2 years young, when she passed away peacefully...

In Memory of Cainey Goines

My beautiful, handsome man has been taking life head on with me since birth almost 11 years ago. On Monday, October 19th, 2020, we rallied one last time as he took his final ride. In normal fashion we gave it a good fight and I’m proud to say mommy’s baby boy went out on his feet,..

In Memory of Parker

Scarcely three months shy of fifteen years since his birth on 5th January 2006, my Carolina Dog, Parker,  was tired and ready to rest after a fun filled life in the mountains of North Georgia.  A trusted and loyal companion who had a passion for good food and licking plates, he will be sorely ...

In Memory of Syble

Syble was the most beautifully uncoordinated and soft-spoken cat I have ever known. She didn’t trust a lot of people but she trusted us to love and care for her and keep her safe. She gave us 16 wonderful years but the loss of her brother in February I think was too much for her to handle...

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