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In Memory of Hector Stieber

Our sweet failed foster, Hector. I stalked you at Petsmart for weeks. Prior to joining our family you had two failed adoptions. I agreed to foster you, that failed, you never left. Thank you for choosing us as your furever home. You stole the dog's bed along with our hearts. You flooded the kitchen, we added child locks on the cabinets just for you! You greeted us...

In Memory of Dudley Willis

Our sweet Dudley was a rescue, and our furry family member for 11 years. We remember:  the day we rescued him and brought him to his forever home, his insatiable appetite, his wagging tail and sparkling eyes, our daily walks (sniffing expeditions), our trips to the park, chasing tennis balls and dropping them at our feet in exchange for a treat...

In Memory of Riley Raines

Riley was a cherished member of our family for 15 years. He brought love, happiness and laughter to us everyday. His favorite things were mealtimes, people watching, Christmas and birthday celebrations, and going for walks. He was the most content however, when everyone was just home together.

In Memory of Pax Nyberg

Our dearest Pax, you were the sweetest dog ever, the best dog a family could ever ask for. Thanking you for teaching us how to be selfless, you gave us some of the best times of our lives. We will forever cherish the memories we have with you and your legacy will live on.

In Memory of Sasha Ross

I used to say that Sasha “wakes up smiling”! And she did just that every day for the seven years I was blessed to have her. This is the story that I like to tell about Sashi and will share with you that pretty much sums up her unique little life… and maybe even a little more. Sasha Ross had a compromised respiratory system with breathing...

In Memory of Stella

We first met our Stella in September of 2010 while helping out at a pet adoption. She was just 4 months old and was the happiest, cuddliest, most adorable puppy ever. Devin, who was just 12 at the time, said “I am not leaving here without this dog.” Despite the fact that we already had 2 dogs at home, Stella joined our family that day. 


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