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In Memory of Presh

This sweet and loving baby girl showed up at a good friend Jean's horse barn, starved, covered in scrapes and eaten up with fleas and ticks at around age two. My cousin Rhonda was good friends with Jean and helped her out at the horse barn, she saw this white dog that just appeared from the woods. She begged me to take...

In Memory of Benji

Benjamin also known as “Benji”, was more than a pet rabbit. He was a cuddle buddy, best friend, and an Emotional Support Animal. He loved to be held and rubbed between the nose and his favorite time of the day was meal time. He would greet us every time we walked in the door and was ready to play. His favorite thing to...

In Memory of Daytona

In the fall of 2005 I adopted this sweet 4 month old puppy from the local animal shelter.  Little did I know at that time the love that would grow for each other.  He reinforced the saying “Man’s Best Friend” for the next 13 years. He loved going for rides and taking him for walks through the park..

In Memory of Morgan

Morgan Penelope Rose Lord (aka Doodlebug, Doo, or Diddle Doodle), age 11, left us to cross the Rainbow Bridge on August 1, 2018.   She is survived by her canine sister, Zoey Laine, her canine brother, Cooper Gibson and feline sister, Clessie Belle. She will be greatly missed by her human family Jesse (Daddy) & Rachel (Momma) Lord, ...

In Memory of Mozzie

Mozzie found me one day when I was walking through the neighborhood. I was very sad and felt so alone at the time. He looked like a pitiful totally ignored little dog. He was matted terribly and his nails were extremely long. He had on a collar but no identification. Neither did he have a chip....

In Memory of Francie

When we first met young Francie at the cat shelter in the summer of 2005, she crawled into my wife's purse on the floor, as if saying, "Please take me home."  We did.  Her outgoing personality and her soft white fur and light blue eyes were impossible to resist. We didn't know at the time that the combination...

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