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In Memory of Baby Kelley

Monday, February 10, 2020, We said goodbye to our Baby.  He gave us 17 of the most devoted, loving, loyal years. He truly was a miracle pup.  That tiny sickly little Baby, found in the road, lived an impossibly long, healthy and loving life.  Our family will never be the same without you baby boy....

In Memory of Riley Kelly

Riley joined our family as a Cavachon puppy in early 2006 from Gleneden Farm in Berryville, VA. Immediately, our hearts were won over by this adorable little bundle of peach and cream fur with the big brown eyes and sweet personality.  She spent the next 14 years watching her siblings, Alana and Brendan, grow up from Pre-K all the way...

In Memory of Ruby

In Memory of Ruby June Bruner-Poplin, June 11, 2003 - January 6, 2019. We will always miss our Ruby Girl.  She was an empathetic creature who blessed our lives for almost 17 years; we are grateful for the grace gift that she was to all of us, especially Bethany (her owner) She was a fierce ball player, a settler of disputes, a...

In Memory of Lucy Welch

Lucy has been a fashion icon, TV star and fundraising philathroPUP for nearly all of her 17+ years. Lucy is the well-known “leader of the pack” and the driving force behind the creation of the Atlanta GirlZ Club® brand. Kathi Welch is Lucy’s pet mom and Atlanta GirlZ Club features...

In Memory of Nyx

Nyx Evans-Moon, our precious Nyxly, passed from this world to the Rainbow Bridge and beyond on Saturday, November 23, 2019. Nyx was almost 16 years old, and she had been with our family since she was a tenacious young kitten. Nyx was born under a holly bush at the Evans...

In Memory of Putter

We adopted Putter to live with us at the age of 4 and he was part of our family for 11 years.  We didn’t know what we were in for, but he fit right in with the family and he always put smiles on our faces.  He was well mannered, easy going and lived every day to its fullest...


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